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Horizontal Eccentric Screw Pumps

B70H Series

The H stands for horizontal!

The B70H is a variation of our B70V and is designed for the horizontal use on a trolley.
It can be used in situations where the B70V comes across space limits or limits of
handling and thus completes our range of eccentric screw pumps with a mobile version.

  • By positioning outside of the container, it is possible to pump liquid out of the stacked containers – or containers which are not accessible from the top
  • Due to the compact construction height, emptying at limited room height is possible
  • Easy handling of heavy pumps
  • No physical strain due to lifting
  • Easy replacement of wearing parts by the new rotor/stator combination
  • On request a fluid transfer is possible in either direction of rotation
  • By replacing the rotor/stator unit, an easy change of size is possible
  • Also available in PURE and explosion-proof design
  • Mobility by a trolley