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1/2″ Non-Metallic AODD Pumps


Adjustable 0 to 14 GPM

Max/Min Air Pressure:

All Models 100/20 PSI

Dry Lift Capacity at 100 PSI:

Models w/ Teflon Balls 10 ft.
Other Models 15 ft.

Models (Wetted Materials) Max Temp

LPB-1/2″ (PP/BUNA N) 150°F
LPT-1/2″ (PP/TEFLON) 150°F
LKT-1/2″ (PVDF/TEFLON) 200°F


200 l-drum pumping, ink recirculation and feed, chemicals, solvents, acids, soap dispensing, etc.

  • Absolutely lube-free and non stalling operation
  • Optional with Max-Pass™- valve system
  • Can safely run dry
  • Self-priming dry or wet
  • Centre block made of corrosion-free plastic
  • Few, easily accessible construction parts
  • Flow rate up to 65 l/min
  • Explosion-proof version in compliance with ATEX
  • Directive 94/9/EC, category 2
  • No risk of pump failure due to to poor lubrication
  • No contaminating of the environment or of the product itself by oil vapour
  • Gentle pumping of liquids and pastes
  • Also for viscous liquids and large solid containing fluids (Max-Pass™)
  • Increased suction capability of the pump (Max-Pass™)
  • Greater freedom of installation ot the pump (Max-Pass™)
  • Possible air leakage arising at connections or in case of diaphragm rupture does not harm the air system
  • Easy maintenance without special tools