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Drum Pump SL-HC 42 For Extremely Corrosive Liquids

The robust Lutz pump tube with mechanical seal or sealless is suitable for pumping allmost all types of thin-bodied, slightly viscous, aggressive and flammable liquids out of drums and small or large containers. The pump tube is non-lubricated, thus preventing contamination of the liquids pumped.

Liquid examples:

Gasoline, solvents, alcohols, amines, benzol, toluene, xylene, paints and lacquers, etc.

  • Suitable for highly inflammable liquids and for use in hazardous areas
  • Optional with electric or air driven motors
  • No grease fillings
  • Explosion-proof in accordance with standards for use in hazardous locations
  • Sealless version cannot fail by dry running
  • Lube-free, thus no contamination of the liquid
  • High resistant carbon shaft bearing
  • Two impeller geometries for a tailored pump characteristic

Sealing system:
Mechanical seal (MMS) or sealless construction (MSL)

Type of impeller:
Axial-flow rotor (R) for high delivery rate and low delivery head or Radial-flow impeller (L) for low delivery rate and high delivery head.

Immersion length:
27″ (700 mm), 39″ (1000 mm) and 47″ (1200 mm)

MSL only:
55″ (1400 mm), 59″ (1500 mm), 63″ (1600 mm), 67″ (1700 mm), 78″ (2000 mm)
(Special length on request)

The pump tube is “Zone 0” approved in combination with the original Lutz motors ME I 6 Silver Star (Ex) / MD-1 (Ex) / MD-2 (Ex) in accordance with standards for use in hazardous locations


Motor ME I 6 (Ex) Silver Star

SilverstarA light, easily handled, explosion proof motor, suitable almost all types of thin-bodied, slightly viscous, flammable liquids.

  • ME I 6 (Ex) Silver StarExtremely rigid aluminium casing, robust high-power motor
  • Electronic speed control to constantly ensure the right flow rate
  • Separate ON/OFF buttons with low voltage release for safety and ease of handling
  • 120 V / 60Hz
    640 W / 0.85 HP
  • Splash-proof in accordance with protection class IP 54, 16′ (5 m) cord, optionally with remote operating kit.


Motor MD-1 / MD-2

MD-1 / MD-2Compact compressed air motor for handling neutral and aggressive liquids.

  • Overload-proof
  • Optionally with (MD-2) / without (MD-1) manual operation
  • Delivery flow is easy to control
  • 400 W / 0.54 HP at 87 PSI (6 bar) operating pressure, air consumption 32 CFM (0,88 Nm3/min.)