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Drum Pump SL-HC 42 Ex For Flammable Liquids

The robust sealless pump tube is suitable for pumping nearly all kinds of liquids, whether extremely aggressive, clean or dirty, thin-bodied or slightly viscous flammable liquids out of drums and small or large containers. The pump tube is non-lubricated, thus preventing contamination of the liquids pumped.

Liquid examples:

Buthylchloride, chlorosulfonic acid, gasoline, solvents, alcohols, amines, benzol, toluene, xylene, etc.

  • Suitable for inflammable liquids and highly corrosive chemicals in hazardous locations
  • Optional with electric or air driven motor
  • No grease fillings
  • Optimized drum drainage
  • Modular, service friendly design
  • Explosion-proof in accordance with standards for use in hazardous locations
  • Sealless version cannot fail by dry running
  • Non-lubrictated, thus no contamination of the liquids pumped
  • High resistant carbon shaft bearing
  • Easy maintenance without special tools
Sealing system:

Sealless construction (SL)

Type of impeller:

Axial-flow rotor (R) for high delivery rate.

Immersion length:

39″ (1000 mm) and 47″ (1200 mm)
(Special length on request)

Lutz, Drum Pump, SL-HC 42 Ex, Flammable LiquidsThe pump tube is “Zone 0” approved in combination with the original Lutz motors ME I 6 Silver Star (Ex) / MD-1 (Ex) / MD-2 (Ex) in accordance with standards for use in hazardous locations.

Motor ME I 6 (Ex) Silver Star

Lutz, Drum Pump, SL-HC 42 Ex, Flammable LiquidsA light, easily handled, explosion proof motor, suitable almost all types of thin-bodied, slightly viscous, flammable liquids.

  • Lutz, Drum Pump, SL-HC 42 Ex, Flammable LiquidsExtremely rigid aluminium casing, robust high-power motor
  • Electronic speed control to constantly ensure the right flow rate
  • Separate ON/OFF buttons with low voltage release for safety and ease of handling
  • 120 V / 60Hz
    640 W / 0.85 HP
  • Splash-proof in accordance with protection class IP 54, 16′ (5 m) cord, optionally with remote operating kit.

Lutz, Drum Pump, SL-HC 42 Ex, Flammable Liquids

Motor MD-1 / MD-2

Lutz, Drum Pump, SL-HC 42 Ex, Flammable LiquidsCompact compressed air motor for handling neutral and aggressive liquids.

  • Overload-proof
  • Optionally with (MD-2) / without (MD-1) manual operation
  • Delivery flow is easy to control
  • 400 W / 0.54 HP at 87 PSI (6 bar) operating pressure, air consumption 32 CFM (0,88 Nm3/min.)