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MX-W100 Multi Function Timer

The Model W100 Multi-Function Timer can operate as a stand alone timer or with a water meter or digital input.

The two digital inputs and three relay outputs are fully user configurable, providing a very flexible timer that can be adapted to many uses.

The Timer has several pre-programmed algorithms enabling it to be used in a variety of HVAC applications or chemical feed in open and closed loop systems, as well as many other industrial applications.

Functions and Applications of the MX-W100

  • Water meter activated feed and bleed control for cooling towers
  • 28 Day biocide timer (up to 3 biocides)
  • Make-up activated boiler blowdown controller
  • On-Off Cycle Timer
  • % of Time controller
  • Manually activated Off Delay Timer
  • Chemical feed proportional to flow
  • Time out alarm or flow total alarm



Two Flow Meters Inputs
  • Contact head
  • Paddlewheel
  • Hall effect
Three Relay Outputs
  • All relays user configurable
  • 6 A (resistive), 1/8 HP (93W)
  • Prewired with pigtails and power cord
  • NEMA 4X wall mount enclosure
  • LED display with icon based programming
  • 115 VAC power
  • CSA approved

Typical Layout for a Water Meter Activated Cooling Tower Feed and Bleed System