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MAX1 Cooling Tower Feed and Bleed System

The MAX1 Cooling Tower Feed and Bleed System automatically optimizes the critical chemical balances and cycles of concentration in cooling tower and chiller systems.

The MAX1 can be configured based on the cooling system flow rates, water quality, and heat load, in consultation with your chemical water treatment consultant.

All MAX1 systems are shipped completely assembled, pre-wired, and tested, making field installation trouble-free and easy.

Features of the MAX1 Cooling Tower Feed and Bleed System
  • Conductivity sensor mounted in flow switch manifold
  • Monitors total make-up water usage*
  • Spring return, full port-motorized bleed valve
  • Intuitive programming menu
  • Integral 28 day biocide timers on controller with optional independent biocide pump
  • Bleed time proportional to make-up water volume
  • Other pre-programmed control algorithms

* Water meter required, options available and sold separately
For more advanced features, refer to the MAX6 Cooling Tower System.

Biocide Pump

The E20T4H Biocide Pump is powered separately and operates independently from the WCT100 controller.
There are 24 independent programmable on and off events within a 7 day period. Each event can be programmed for a specific ON time and a specific OFF time. The timer can be set in increments by hour and minute.

E20T4H Control Panel