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MX pH System

The Metex-pH System is an economical, self-contained pH adjustment and neutralization system designed to regulate effluent pH levels in industrial water. The MX-pH can treat continuous flow rates of up to 20 gallons per minute and pH between 3 – 11 in water. The system is fully automatic, requiring minimal operator input to ensure water is always in compliance with discharge requirements. Multiple options are available to easily optimize the system for specific applications. Each MX-pH is shipped fully assembled, wired, and tested for quick field installation (indoor installation only).

Features of the Standard MX-pH

  • Proportional pH controller with datalogging,
  • alarms, and full colour touchscreen display
  • Industrial pH sensor
  • 175 imperial gallon high density polyethylene
  • tank with internal mixing baffle
  • Heavy-duty steel frame with pump shelf,
  • hinged tank lid
  • 1⁄4 HP mixer
  • Acid and caustic metering pumps
  • (1.6 gallon per hour)
  • Gravity discharge
  • Plug-and-play design

Additional Options

  • Level sensor(s)
  • Totalizing and instantaneous flow meter
  • Multiple pH sensors (inlet, outlet)
  • Batch system with automatic valves
  • Automatic 3-way diverter valve for
  • off-specification water
  • Pumped discharge
  • Additional reaction tanks for highly
  • concentrated wastewater