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MX-PFS Metex Pail Feeder System

The Metex Pail Feeder System provides a convenient way to prevent spills and automate chemical dosing programs fed out of standard 5 or 6 US gallon pails. Typical applications include closed-loop corrosion  inhibitors, biocides, cooling tower and boiler chemistries.

Customers can BYOP (Bring Your Own Pump)* or select from a range of Metex supplied metering pumps. Metex’s trained technicians will install and calibrate pumps prior to shipping.

All systems are shipped completely assembled.

*Pump must be new-in-box, pump base cannot exceed 7” wide, 8” long

Features of the MX-PFS
  • Manufactured from Chemically Inert High-Density Polyethylene
  • Includes a Pump Shelf
  • Hand Holds for Easy Transport (w/o Pail)
  • Containment for up to a 6 Gallon Pail
  • Drain Plug
  • Spring Wound Countdown Timer or W100 Multi-Function Timer Available
  • Floor-mounted
  • Approximately 25 Pounds

Installation on site is easy and typically takes less than 15 minutes. Customers must provide an appropriate injection fitting connection for their chemical pump. A single 120 VAC outlet for power is required. For ease of access, 36” of space is recommended in front of the pump stand. Multiple pump stands can be placed directly adjacent to each other for compact installations.

Typical Model Number


  • Pail Containment Stand
  • W100 Multi-Function Timer
  • EZB16D1-VC Pump
MX-PFS-W100-A Front View