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KMK Injection Rate Gauge Manifold Assembly Kit

The Patented KENCO Manifold Kit simplifies the installation of a metering pump and a KENCO Calibration Gauge to a chemical storage tank. The Manifold’s integral ball valve and strainer minimizes assembly, leak paths and installation time. The butterfly handles on the ball valves allow the manifold size to be very compact. The “T” shaped manifold configuration allows the manifold outlet connection to be located on the left-hand side or the right-hand side of the chemical storage tank. The manifold has 316 Stainless Steel and PTFE wetted materials which allows it to be used with most any chemical. It is available with a variety of gauge connection sizes which allows it to be used with a number of KENCO Calibration Gauges like the 929-1-S, 5700, 596, etc…

KENCO Calibration Gauges provide a visual means for level indication in the chemical storage tank and are calibrated to accommodate and set a wide range of metering pump injection rates.

  • Wetted materials that allow use with most any chemical
  • Reduces installation time
  • Eliminates potential leak paths
  • Compact design
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Integral strainer to help protect the pump

Gauge Connection Port Size:

  • 25 = 1/4″ FNPT Gauge Connection
  • 50 = 1/2″ FNPT Gauge Connection Port (Not Available with “929” Gauge Option)
  • 75 = 3/4″ FNPT Gauge Connection Port (Not Available with “929” Gauge Option)

Number of Compression Fittings Supplied With Each Kit:

  • KMK-25-F (One)
  • KMK-25-F-929 (Two)
  • KMK-50-F (One)
  • KMK-75-F (One)
  • KMK-25-N (None)
  • KMK-25-N-929 (None)
  • KMK-50-N (None)
  • KMK-75-N (None)

Compression Fittings:

  • F = Manifold Supplied With 3/8? O.D. Tube x 1/4″ MNPT Compression Fitting(s)
  • N = Manifold Supplied With No Compression Fitting(s)

Rate Gauge Style:

  • 929 = 929-1-S Pump Setting Gauge Supplied (Only Available With 1/4? FNPT Gauge Connection Port Size Option)

*Note: If Pump Setting Gauge Other Than 929-1-S Is Desired, It Must Be Ordered Separately.