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Calibration Pots


Calibration Pots provide the means for determining chemical pump flow rates. The gauge is installed between the suction side of the chemical pump and the tank. the pump rate is checked by closing the valve between the tank and gauge and observing the level change in the gauge for one minute.

  • Design utilizes a tank with shielded tubular gauge for maximum protection from glass breakage.
  • The calibration pots have a maximum design pressure of 150 PSI.
  • Provide a means for accurately checking the feed rates of a chemical metering pump.
  • Manufactured in PVC, Carbon Steel and 316 Stainless Steel as standard materials. We can provide other materials to meet your chemical resistance requirements.
  • Individually hand calibrated to assure maximum accuracy.
  • Customization is always an option, give us your design criteria and we will design a gauge to fit your needs and specifications.

CS = Carbon Steel
SS = Stainless Steel

*Other Housing Materials Available. Consult Factory For Options

V = Fluorocarbon
A = Aflas
B = Buna-N
TES = PTFE Encapsulated Silicone
EP = Ethylene Propylene

*Other Seal Materials Available. Consult Factory For Options.

GPH = Gallons Per Hour
LPH = Liters Per Hour
GPD = Gallons Per Day
LPD = Liters Per Day
GBV = Gallons By Volume
LBV = Liters By Volume

* NOTE: Scale type based on a one minute test.

*Other Scale Options Available. Consult Factory For Options.