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AccuRate Pump Setting Gauge


The KENCO AccuRate® Pump Setting Gauges utilize precision scientific glass to provide the most accurate reading possible for calibrating the flow rate of a chemical metering pump. They are also used to periodically monitor the performance and accuracy of a chemical injection system. Additionally, the AccuRate® gauge can be used as the primary containment reservoir of a fluid that will be pumped into a chemical injection system.

One Minute Test:

To check the pumping rate of a chemical pump, isolate the chemical in the tank from the AccuRate® pump setting gauge. The decal on the gauge glass has (2) individual rate scales. The scale on the left side is a volume scale in mililiters. In a one-minute test, the scale will read the pump rate in mililiters per minute. The scale on the right will depend on what type type of flow rate is required; i.e. gallons by volume, gallons per hour, gallons per day, liters per day or liters per hour.

Keep the isolating valve closed and observe the number of marks the fluid level passes in one minute. This will give you the actual chemical pump rate. If the rate is not the one desired, make an adjustment to the chemical pump feed rate and conduct as many one-minute tests as is necessary to set the chemical pump rate to the rate desired.

Gauge Features:
  • Precision borosilicate glass sight tube delivers precise rate calibration from 0.05% to 0.2%
  • AccuRate® gauges will calibrate pump rates up to 1095 gallons per day and 4140 liters per day.
  • Clear polycarbonate shield for impact resistance is standard on all models
  • Five (5) scale options are available: U.S. gallons by volume (USG), gallons per day (GPD), gallons per hour (GPH), Liters per day (LPD) and Liters per hour (LPH) – Standard volumetric scale in ML on all units
  • Tubing connector assembly on top of unit is standard on all models
  • Standard end plate materials are 316 SS and PVC. Other materials available upon request
  • Drain holes in lower end plate eliminate condensation

S = 316 Stainless Steel
PP = Polypropylene

* Other End Plate Materials Available. Consult Factory For Options

A = Aflas
B = Buna-N
E = Ethylene Propylene
V = Fluorocarbon

* Other Seal Materials Available. Consult Factory For Options.

USG = U.S. Gallons by Volume
GPH = Gallons Per Hour
GPD = Gallons Per Day
LPH = Liters Per Hour
LPD = Liters Per Day

* NOTE: Scale type based on a one minute test.

S Models = 316 Stainless Steel
P Models = Polypropylene