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ToughSonic 14

Maximum Range 14 feet (4.3 Meters)

The ToughSonic 14 ultrasonic sensor has a maximum range of 14 feet (4.3 meters). Like all ToughSonic sensors, it’s built for durability and ease of use in tough industrial environments. It’s fully submersible, corrosion resistant, shock resistant and all around tough. It’s also fully configurable with our SenixVIEW software. ToughSonic 14s include our famous “Teach” feature for push-button configuration. This compact sensor is used around the world on remote liquid level systems, heavy equipment, factory automation applications and more. This is our most popular sensor.

ToughSonic 3 Options

Serial Interface

The ToughSonic 14 is available with these interfaces for the SenixVIEW PC software or user applications requiring serial data communications.

Modbus RS-232 serial data interface

Modbus RS-485 serial data interface

Sensor Customization

  • Custom SenixVIEW configurations can be pre-loaded.
  • Alternative cable type, length and connections are available.
ToughSonic 14 Starter Kits

Ready to work with Senix ultrasonic sensors, but don’t know where to start? This ‘new user-friendly’ package features our top selling ToughSonic 14 sensor along with supporting accessories to provide a robust ultrasonic solution.

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