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Auto Degassing Valve

The new Auto Degassing Valve greatly improves the degassing capabilities of the E-Series metering pumps. The new design uses a dual check valve system to maintain proper pump operation to vent gas out the valve and back to the supply source. The ADV retains the full pressure capabilities of the pump.

The Auto Degassing Valve is available as an accessory and can be installed onto any of the 21 sized or smaller EW, EZ, EK or EWN series pumps. Installation between the pump head and the existing manual air vent valve makes field conversions simple and maintains the functionability of the full manual air vent valve.

Addition of the ADV onto a metering pump will reduce the rated output of the pump by approximately 15-20% as this extra chemical is pushed through the vent side of the valve and back to the supply tank.

The unique design of the ADV relies on the suction stroke of the pump with gravity to create a subtle liquid pull back into the pump head with each stroke enabling the trapped gasses to escape out of the vent. The new ADV was designed specifically for suction lift applications