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Copper/Nickel Sensors

Walchem’s copper and nickel sensors are optoelectronic devices that are used in conjunction with Walchem’s on-line analyzers in a variety of applications including electroless copper or nickel baths, microetch baths and a number of other chemistries that contain more than 0.10 grams/liter (g/L) of copper or nickel ions.

Flow-through sensors are available for out-of-tank monitoring of solutions, and immersible sensors (copper only) are available for direct in-tank monitoring.

Measurement Performance – Cu
Electroless Copper Concentration Range 0.1 – 5.5 g/L (0.01 – 0.73 oz/gal)
Microetch Copper Concentration Range 0.1 – 99 g/L (0.01 – 13.2 oz/gal)
Copper Concentration Resolution 0.001 g/L (0.0001 oz/gal)
Copper Concentration Accuracy +/-0.01 g/L (0.001 oz/gal)
Note: The measurement range is the range of settings in the controller. Many factors in the chemical composition affect the absorbance, so Walchem cannot guarantee that every copper solution in this range can be measured
Measurement Performance – Ni
Electroless Nickel Concentration Range 0.1 – 25 g/L (0.01 – 3.32 oz/gal)
Nickel Concentration Resolution 0.001 g/L (0.0001 oz/gal)
Nickel Concentration Accuracy +/-0.01 g/L (0.001 oz/gal)
Optional pH Input Range 0 – 14 pH
Optional pH Resolution 0.01 pH
Optional pH Accuracy Electrode and calibration dependent
Optional pH Automatic Temperature Compensation Pt100 or Pt1000
Temperature Range 0-100ºC (32-212ºF)
Temperature Resolution 0.05ºC (0.09ºF)
Temperature Accuracy +/-0.1ºC (+/-0.18ºF)