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Econ T Series

Programmable pump with automatic dosing control for timed applications, describes the Econ T to a tee.

The Econ T provides a 24 event control capability with an integral timer in a compact pump for light duty applications requiring a dosing schedule. Injection of enzymes for drain line maintenance in commercial kitchens or convenience stores helps avoid costly visits from grease trap clearing companies. Biocide feed for Legionella prevention in small cooling towers, sanitation for water fountains or injecting liquid solar blankets or enzymes in commercial pools are a few of the applications for the Econ T.

The Econ T can be utilized for livestock water treatment.
  • Continuous delivery of live vaccines; no water consumption calculations necessary.
  • Scheduled injection for scale and algae control for evaporative of cool cells.
  • Repeatable chemical dosing for effective poultry hatchery dip tank disinfection.

The pump features an enclosed housing and is wall mountable or select from the optional mounting accessories. The Econ T is offered as a Tank System; the pump is shipped pre-mounted to the solution tank. The pump is approved by cULus for indoor and outdoor use and carries NSF 61 and 372. The 25 psi models are tested and certified by Intertek to Standard ANSI/NSF 50, equipment for swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, and other recreational water facilities.

Unique Stenner Features
  • Almost effortless tube replacement with patented quick release pump head.
  • Solid one piece tube construction.
  • Optional mounting accessories available.
How It Works

There are 24 independent programmable on and off events within a 7 day period. The minimum is 1 minute up to a maximum of 23 hours and 59 minutes within each programmed event. Each event can be programmed for a specific ON time and a specific OFF time in increments by hour and minute. The control panel with an LCD display has a programmable clock using a 24 hour format and a battery backup to maintain the internal time and programmed event settings. The display indicators represent the days of the week, operating mode and the events. During operation, the panel displays the current day, time and mode of operation.

Advantages of Stenner’s Peristaltic Pumps
  • Solution is not in contact with moving parts and runs through a food grade pump tube.
  • Pump head requires no valves, allows for easy maintenance.
  • Self-priming against maximum working pressure, foot valve not required.
  • Pump does not lose prime or vapor lock.
  • Pumps off-gassing solutions and can run dry.
  • Output volume is not affected by back pressure.

0-25 psi (0-1.7 bar)

Item No. Prefix Pump Tube # Roller Assembly
E10T1A A White
E10T2A A White
E10T2B B White
E10T2C C White
Gallons per Day Gallons per Hour Ounces per Hour Ounces per Minute Pressure psi Liters per Day Liters per Hour Milliliters per Hour Milliliters per Minute Pressure bar
Approximate Output @ 60Hz
2.5 0.10 13.2 0.22 25 9.5 0.39 396.0 6.60 1.7
5.0 0.21 26.4 0.44 25 18.9 0.79 786.0 13.10 1.7
8.5 0.35 45.6 0.76 25 32.2 1.34 1338.0 22.30 1.7
15.0 0.63 79.8 1.33 25 56.8 2.37 2364.0 39.40 1.7


26-80 psi (1.8-5.5 bar)

Item No. Prefix Pump Tube # Roller Assembly
E10T1F F White
E10T2F F White
E20T4F F White
E20T4G G Black
E20T4H H Black
Gallons per Day Gallons per Hour Ounces per Hour Ounces per Minute Pressure psi Liters per Day Liters per Hour Milliliters per Hour Milliliters per Minute Pressure bar
Approximate Output @ 60Hz
0.6 0.02 3.0 0.05 80 2.2 0.09 90.0 1.50 5.5
1.3 0.05 6.6 0.11 80 4.8 0.20 198.0 3.30 5.5
3.4 0.14 18. 0.30 80 13.1 0.54 544.8 9.08 5.5
12.3 0.51 65.4 1.09 80 46.5 1.94 1937.4 32.29 5.5
21.7 0.90 115.2 1.92 80 82.0 3.41 3416.4 56.94 5.5


NOTE: Injection check valve included with pumps rated 80 psi (5.5 bar)

NOTICE: The information within this chart is solely intended for use as a guide. The output data is an approximation based on pumping water under a controlled testing environment. Many variables can affect the output of the pump. Stenner Pump Company recommends that all metering pumps undergo field calibration by means of analytical testing to confirm their outputs.

Output Control 24-hr programmable clock; 7 day,
24 event timer
Maximum Working Pressure 80 psi (5.5 bar) E10T1F, E10T2F, E20T4F, E20T4G,
25 psi (1.7 bar) E10T1A, E10T2A, E10T2B, E10T2C
Maximum Operating Temperature 104°F (40°C)
Maximum Suction Lift 25 ft (7.6 m) vertical lift, based on water
Motor Type 24 VDC, brushed
Approximate Shaft RPM 9, 18 or 40
Duty Cycle Continuous
Motor Voltage (Amp Draw) 120V 60Hz (0.17)
Power Cord Type STP-2W
Power Cord Plug End Wall adapter power supply 100-120V, 60Hz 0.25 input,
two prong polarized 24VDC, 1.25A, class II output
Classification Indoor / Outdoor
Materials of Construction
All Housings Polycarbonate
Pump Tube & Check Valve Duckbill Santoprene®*, FDA approved
Pump Head Rollers Polyethylene
Suction/Discharge Tubing,
Polyethylene, FDA approved
Tube Fittings Polypropylene, NSF listed
Check Valve Fittings Type 1 Rigid PVC, NSF listed
Connecting Nuts PP or Type 1 Rigid PVC
Suction Line Strainer PP or Type 1 Rigid PVC body
with Type 1 Rigid PVC cap, NSF listed; ceramic weight
All Fasteners Stainless steel


Listings vary by model.

* Santoprene® is a registered trademark of Exxon Mobil Corporation.
** Versilon™ is a registered trademark of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics.
† Pellathane® is a registered trademark of The Dow Company.

Pump Dimensions

Shipping Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kg)

Box Dimensions: 8 x 7 x 10 in. (20 x 18 x 25 cm)