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Electric Stroke Control

The Neptune Electric Stroke Control allows the capacity of any Neptune Series 500 or Series 600 "dia-PUMP" to be automatically controlled in response to a standard 4-20 mA process signal. Also accepts 0-5 VDC/0-10 VDC signal or digital pulse train inputs. One-piece controller- positioner mounts directly to the pump. No machining or any special drillings or tappings needed to retrofit pump. Ideal for water/wastewater, power and process industry applications...anywhere that pump flow must be automatically proportioned or varied.

  • Stroke position indicator on controller. (Also on optional remote control module.) Permits fast, easy visual check of pump stroke length.
  • Remote control unit (optional). Allows manual override and monitoring from remote location.
  • Switch reversible. Allows direct or indirect response to signal.
  • Separate signal and power entrance connections to terminal blocks.
  • Adjustable ratio. Great control flexibility.
  • Signal interruption “memory.” If process signal is lost, unit can remain in its last position or move to a preset position.
  • Adjustable travel time: 15 seconds minimum
  • Input signal optically isolated from the line voltage. Eliminates inexact positioning which could be caused by extraneous electrical interference.
  • Alarm function relay monitors:
    1) movement to max/min preset limits;
    2) movement to adjustable upper/lower limits.
    Gives early warning to malfunctions or process upsets, allows for quick corrective actions.