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Calibration Columns (Cylinders)

Neptune Calibration Columns provide a fast, easy and economical means of checking the flow rate of your chemical metering pump.

The most accurate test of metering pump flow rate is to measure the drawdown rate on the suction side while leaving the discharge undisturbed in its normal steady state operating condition. Pump flow rate verification on a periodic basis or after maintenance is important to system accuracy.

The Calibration Column can also be used to determine if check valves are worn or dirty.

It is recommended to size the Calibration Column for a minimum of 30 seconds with a scale that will produce an easily readable differential within the test period.

Calibration Columns (Cylinders) Features:
  • Rugged PVC construction with slip on top caps for top filling and easy cleaning
  • Shielded glass models available for acids and strong chemicals
  • Calibration scales are protected from harsh chemical by Mylar lamination.