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Open Top Storage Tanks

Toronto-based ACO is a North American poly-processing company producing a wide range of industrial, specialty and transportation storage tanks in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet all your requirements.

ACO’s open topped tanks are perfect if you want to be able to have access to the whole tank.

Manufactured out of high grade polyethylene HDPE or XHDPE/XLPE resin, Aco’s seamless, one-piece, durable tanks are FDA compliant and listed as NSF 21, which means they are suitable for use with potable water.

This type of open tank is also widely used for processes that involve dissolving mixes with water, for example in the preparation of powdered foliar feeds, pesticides, etc for spray application.

In addition, they are commonly used for mixing and blending other types of liquid mixes (paint, grout, animal feeds etc) and can be supplied with a mixer mount, hinged lid, baffles and fittings for use with appliances, if desired (available separately).

These open storage tanks are perfect for storing non-corrosive liquids or other contents that need to be kept at hand for use on a frequent basis, and they serve as excellent secondary container tanks.

Fabricated to ASTM specifications, ACO’ one-piece tanks are extremely rugged, durable and stabilized against damage by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. They are also designed to resist low temperature impacts, so are suitable for cold storage areas and cold outdoor conditions in the USA and Canada.

ACO’s open storage tanks come in an extensive range of sizes and capacities to meet your needs and specifications. We also have a range of optional accessories, including mixer mounts, hinged lids and other attachments to facilitate your mixing processes. Please contact us for more information about your particular requirements.

  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Low temperature impact resistant
  • Durable and seamless one-piece construction
  • Complies with ASTM specification
  • Stabilized against UV damage
  • Available with Mixer Mount (optional)
  • Available with Hinged Lids (optional)
  • Excellent range of volumes and sizes
  • Suitable for liquid densities (specific gravity) of:
    • Less than 1.5
    • Less than1.9 and
    • Less than 2.2 tanks are also available)
  • Molded out of from HDPE or cross-linked polyethylene (XHDPE/XLPE)
  • HDPE resin is FDA compliant and suitable for use with potable water (listed NSF 61)
  • Tank fittings supplied apart (on request)