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Excell – Model 7000 Series – Dry Polymer Auger Feeder

The EXCELL Series 7000 Dry Polymer Auger Feeder is engineered to provide a reliable means of feeding dry polymers and other difficult to feed materials. The material being fed is vacuumed by the Polyductor suction air flow. This prevents polymer build up. The feed rate is controlled by variable speed gear motor. The feeder is easy to operate and simple to maintain. The EXCELL Dry Polymer Auger Feeder assembly is a modular system. It is available complete with tanks and pumps. It can also be adapted for use with existing tanks.


The EXCELL Polyductor, patent pending, is a high efficiency eductor engineered specially for difficult to handle materials such as dry polymers. The polyductor generates the high vacuum airflow needed to transport the polymer. Design transport velocity is 3000 ft/min (800 m/min). This velocity assures that the polymer keeps the conveying tube clean without eroding it.
The polyductor uses the dilution water to generate the transport vacuum airflow. The dilution water is accelerated up to 4000 ft/min (1060 m/min) in a high efficiency nozzle. The high velocity water flow generates the vacuum by entraining air as it exits the nozzle.

The high speed collision between the polymer granules and the water stream assures fine dispersion of the polymer granules. This results in faster hydration and minimizes the required aging time for maximum polymer activation.

The polyductor keeps itself clean by using some of the dilution water flow to keep all the surfaces clear of polymer build-up. It is easy to disassemble for inspection.

The dry polymer conveying tube is made of translucent Nylon. It allows the operators to see the polymer flow. The non-stick properties of Nylon allow free flow even in high humidity conditions.

The standard polyductor dilution water flow capacities range from 10 to 80 GPM (40 to 300 LPM). They can transport and hydrate up to 4 pounds/min (2 Kg/min) of dry polymer. The dry polymer can be transported vertically up to 15 feet (5 m) and horizontally up to 30 feet (10 m).

Disc Feeder
The EXCELL Series 7000 dry polymer feeder uses a rotating disc feeder to precisely meter the amount of polymer needed per batch. The disc feeder is a very reliable and accurate method of feeding difficult-to-handle materials like dry polymers.

The polymer flows from the hopper, through a screen onto the rotating disc. The standard hopper capacity is 2.7 ft.3 (75 L ), and a larger 5.0 ft.3 hopper is also available. The screen traps lumps larger than 3/8? (10mm) in diameter. The adjustable disc speed allows modifying the polymer feed rate. Rates up to 4 pounds per minute (2 Kg/min) are available. A vibrator prevents bridging at the hopper outlet.

PLC control provides improved reliability and operating flexibility.

Proximity, non-contact, capacitance sensors monitor the polymer level on the disc.

The polymer is suctioned off the disc, up the polyductor. The disc is continuously vacuumed clean, to prevent polymer build- up.

The rotating disc feeder is maintenance free. All components are within easy access. The feeder does not need to be disassembled if it ever needs to be cleaned.

The front panel is hinged and latched clear polycarbonate. It allows the operator to see how the feeder is working.

A dehumidifying air heater provides low humidity air to the hopper and the feeder enclosure. It maintains the low humidity levels needed for proper polymer flow.

The feeder frame and enclosure panels are made of stainless steel. The stainless steel hopper lid is hinged. Spring loaded stainless steel arms keep the lid open or sealed closed. The surfaces that contact the polymer are made of high-density thermoplastics. Their smooth surfaces resist polymer sticking and are very easy to keep clean.

The modular design can be adapted for existing or new facilities. Systems are also available that allow the use of semi bulk bags.