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Excell – Model 6000PSB Series

The EXCELL Series 6000BPS Polymer Feeder uses a peristaltic type polymer metering pump. The peristaltic pump is ideal for feeding emulsion polymers. The main benefits of the peristaltic type pumps are:

  • They are self-priming.
  • They can run dry.
  • They do not have check valves.
  • Capacity can be changed by switching the pump tube.
  • Pump capacity ranges up to 150 GPD.
Polymer Activation Apparatus

The EXCELL activates polymer through a patented, motor-less, high energy, activation apparatus. The apparatus uses the energy available in the water flow to activate all types of liquid polymers. The polymer is activated as it passes through the high turbulence generated by the patented orifice. The pressure required to operate the apparatus is less than 5 psi.

The orifice opening automatically compensates for solution flow changes. This assures that the polymer activation energy level remains adequate for the flow range of the feeder. The activation apparatus components are made of corrosion resistant plastics. The open frame design allows easy access for quick repairs.

Self-Cleaning Sight Tube

The activated polymer solution flows through a patented, self cleaning sight tube, before it exits the feeder. The sight tube allows the operator to see that the feeder is operating properly.

6020BPS-SX 1 to 20 GPD (0.2 to 3.2 LPH) 0.5 to 5 GPM (1.9 to 18.9 LPM)
6043BPS-SX 2 to 43 GPD (0.3 to 6.8 LPH) 0.5 to 5 GPM (1.9 to 18.9 LPM)
6043BPS-SKX 2 to 43 GPD (0.3 to 6.8 LPH) 1 to 10 GPM (3.9 to 37.9 LPM)
6066BPS-SKX 3 to 66 GPD (0.5 to 10.4 LPH) 1 to 10 GPM (3.9 to 37.9 LPM)
6099BPS-SKX 4 to 99 GPD (1 to 15.6 LPH) 1 to 10 GPM (3.9 to 37.9 LPM)
6150BPS-STX 4 to 150GPD (1 to 23.6 LPH) 2 to 20 GPM (7.6 to 75.7 LPM)
6150BPS-SVX 4 to 150 GPD (1 to 23.6 LPH) 3 to 30 GPM(11 to 114 LPM)


Technical Information

  • The feeders operate with potable or filtered process dilution water at 30 to 65 psi (2 to 4.4 Bar).
  • A water strainer and a solenoid valve are included.
  • A polymer strainer and a pump calibration cylinder and available.
  • The pump speed can be controlled locally or by a remote 4-20 mA signal.
  • A digital display indicates pump speed.
  • An H-O-A Switch allows remote start-stop control.
  • A water low-flow switch stops the polymer pump when the water flow is interrupted. A light provides local alarm indication. Alarm contacts allow remote indication.
  • The frame is made of welded stainless steel. Frame dimensions are: 22”X18”X46” tall.
  • The external injection valve is accessible without disturbing the activation apparatus. All components are modular and easy to access form the front.
  • Operating voltage is 120 VAC. Power consumption is less then 3 Amps.
Available options
  • Frame that can be wall mounted to maximize floor space.
  • Timer to allow a flush cycle.
  • Pump speed controlled by the dilution water flow to maintain solution concentration.
  • Voltages other then 120 VAC.
  • Custom designed to meet your needs.
  • Other pump capacities.
  • Other dilution water flow capacities.