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Excell – Model 6000PC Series – Progressive Cavity Pump

The Series 6000PC Polymer Feeder has all the features of the Series 6000. The 6000PC has the increased reliability of the progressive cavity metering pump. The pump has no check valves that can become fouled.

Product Overview
  • The polymer metering pump can be controlled locally or controlled by an external 4-20 mA signal. Polymer feed capacities range up to 576 gallons per day. The pump is driven by a TENV DC motor. The motor controller has a ten-turn speed control pot and digital display of pump rate. VFD control is also available. The pump has a stainless steel body, Viton lined stator, and a mechanical seal.
  • Dilution water flow capacity is up to 120 GPM. The EXCELL feeder was designed to use river, process, or clean dilution water. Units operate with water at pressures up to 100 psi.
  • A water flow switch is standard on all EXCELL feeders. The switch turns off the polymer metering pump whenever the water flow drops below minimum. The system automatically restarts when adequate water flow resumes.
  • The sight glass is self-cleaning. The flow of the solution leaving the mixing chamber causes the patented cleaning assembly to operate continuously. The sight glass allows the operator to quickly and easily see how the feeder is operating.
  • An externally mounted polymer injection valve is accessible without disturbing the polymer activating apparatus.
  • Motor-less activation apparatus activates the polymer by injecting it into the water stream and immediately making the solution flow through a low pressure high energy polymer activation nozzle. The patented nozzle self-compensates for solution flow fluctuations. This assures that the polymer activation energy level remains adequate as solution flow changes.
  • Designed to be maintenance-free. All components are modular, and easily accessed.
  • A water strainer is standard with each feeder. The strainer collects debris that may clog the flow meter or other components.
  • A calibration cylinder is standard with each feeder. The cylinder is pre-piped with isolation valves to the polymer metering pump to allow checking the pump flow rate.
  • All components are corrosion resistant. The support frame is made of welded stainless steel.
Technical Information
  • The pump has an all stainless steel body, a Viton lined stator, and a mechanical seal.
  • The feeder operated with potable or filtered process dilution water at 30 to 100 psi (2 to 6.9 BAR).
  • The water flow switch stops the polymer pump when the water flow drops below minimum.
  • The frame is made of welded stainless steel. Frame dimensions are: 18′ x 30′ x 36′ tall.
  • The external injection valve is accessible with disturbing the activation apparatus. All components are modular and easy to access.
  • Operating voltage is 120 VAC. Power consumption is less than 10 Amps.
  • The PC pump is recommended for use only with gravity supply systems. The pump cannot be run dry or it will be damaged.
Available Options
  • Dilution water flow capacity of 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, or 100 GPM
  • Modulating, remote controlled, motor operated water flow control valve.
  • Pump Controller that can accept a 4-20 mA signal. Digital display indicated pump flow.
  • H-O-A switch to allow remote start-stop control.
  • Timer to allow a flush cycle.
  • Pump speed controlled by the dilution water flow. This maintains solution concentrations.
  • Contacts for remote indication of Alarm, Pump Run, or Auto Mode.
  • Low polymer flow alarm. The switch uses a thermal dispersion type sensor, with no moving parts. The trip point is adjustable down to 5 GPD (0.8 LPH).
  • In-line aging tank. Tanks have a polyethylene liner and are fiberglass reinforced. They are rated for 125 psi (8.5 BAR). No additional level controls or pumps are needed.
  • Voltages other than 120 VAC are available.
  • Custom designed to meet your needs.