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FLEXFLO® Peristaltic Metering Pump

Experience next-level chemical metering with the FLEXFLO® A3 Peristaltic Metering Pump.  The A3 combines accurate metering at discharge pressures up to 125 PSI, intuitive icon-based touchscreen controls, and IP-rated M12 connection ports that protect against moisture, dust, vibration, and any temperature change.

A3 remote control signal options include Pulse, 4-20mA, Modbus TCP, EtherNet IP, and PROFIBUS for enhanced supervision and automation for critical metering and transfer applications.


  • Self-priming – even against maximum line pressure. By-pass valves are not required. Cannot vapor lock or lose prime. 30ft of suction lift. Gentle low-shear pumping action.
  • Tube Failure Detection (TFD) built-in leak detection comes standard
  • Modular roller design allows for simple tube changes without needing a tool.
  • Optional dual channel tube design for optimum performance and pressure capability
Communication and Interface:
  • 5” touchscreen color LCD display
  • User-friendly configurations
  • Control Methods:
    • Manual Control
    • 4-20mA Input
    • Remote Start/Stop
    • Pulse Input
    • Frequency Input
    • EtherNet/IP
    • Modbus TCP/IP
    • Alarm Outputs
    • FVS
    • Relay Ouput
Superior Design:
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 2,500:1 turndown ratio
  • NEMA 4X (IP66) wash-down, chemically resistant enclosure
  • Heavy-duty rotor means no flexing and increased accuracy with no metal springs or hinges to corrode.
Safety Features:
  • Tube Failure Detection (TFD) Senses tube rupture by detecting chemical in the pump head. No false triggering – Patented
  • Security programmable 6-digit password to prevent tampering
Optional Components Available:
  • Mounting Extended Brackets (72000-380) – 1 Pair, SS, 4 SS Screws
What’s Included:
  • A3 Peristaltic Metering Pump
  • Two tube assemblies
  • With “S” 3/8” OD x ¼” ID tubing compression type connections:
    • Suction tube – clear PVC – 10′ length (3/8″ OD, 1/4″ ID)
    • Suction strainer
    • Suction ceramic weight
    • Discharge tube – opaque polyethylene – 10′ length (3/8″ OD, 1/4″ ID)
    • Discharge injection fitting with check valve
  • With “B” ½” hose barb and “M” M/NPT type connections:
    • Suction strainer
    • Discharge injection fitting with check valve
    • #5 hose clamp (“B” Only)
  • With “C” Tri-clamp and “Q” Quick Disconnect connections:
    • No accessories provided
  • Tube installation tool
  • Mounting hardware kit
  • Junction box connectors