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Angle Mount Heavy Duty Helical Gear Mixer Series JGR

Series JGR Gear Drive, Angle Mount Heavy Duty Portable Mixers

Gear Drive Mixer, Angle Mount Heavy Helical Gear, 350 rpm, Grease Lube

  • No clutches to slip, wear or replace.
  • 316SS propellers and shafts are standard. Optional coatings such as rubber, PVC or Teflon® also available.
  • Square pitch 1.0 ratio marine propellers are used exclusively. Flow coefficients and power consumption characteristics equal those of the best hydrofoil impeller designs.
  • Vibration-absorbing pad standard.
  • Motors are available in TEFC or explosion-proof enclosures 1750 rpm, 56C frame). Air motors also available.
  • Gears run in grease lubrication. Cannot leak oil.
  • All JGR mixer shaft bearings are permanently lubricated.
  • Variable speed drives also available.
  • Cast aluminum housing.
  • Angle-riser mount provides a fixed 10º angle of entry.