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MIS – Economical Full-Bore Magnetic Flow Meter – Flange – for Liquids

Product Description

Fully-Featured Full Bore Magnetic Flow Meter
The MIS Full Bore Magnetic Flow Meter is designed for mid-range flow rates of conductive liquids in line sizes from 2" to 8". It offers 2 fully configurable outputs for precision process control like monitoring, measuring, batching, and transmitting. The batching function has an external control input. There is both a grand and resettable totalizer.

The MIS also offers bi-directional measurement capabilities. Set-up is easy with the intuitive menu, accessed by the four optical touch keys on the display. IO-Link comes standard. The colored, multi-parameter TFT display rotates in 90 degree increments for easy viewing, regardless of the installation position.

Sample Application Areas

The MIS Magnetic Flow Meter is suitable for a wide range of applications involving conductive liquids. Sample application areas include water treatment, water distribution networks, waste water treatment, filtration systems, and many other general industrial applications. Magnetic inductive measurement with the MIS is not affected by the properties of the process liquid such as density, viscosity, and temperature.

Other Similar Models

For line sizes up to 24" KOBOLD offers the EPS Magnetic Flow Meter which comes in standard and exotic material combinations and features a transmitter that is available in either a local or remote display.

Compact Inline Magnetic Flow Meters

For extremely low flow capabilities or NPT or Tri-Clamp connections in line sizes from 1/4" to 2", consider our MIM Inline Magnetic Flow Meter.

Magnetic Flow Meter Technology

Magnetic flow meter technology offers significant advantages for measuring and monitoring conductive liquids. To learn more about magnetic flow meter technology and its advantages and limitations, please visit our helpful in depth article on Magnetic Flow Meters.

Product Specifications

Measuring Range = 2…277 GPM to 18…4,400 GPM
Max. Media Viscosity = 100,000 cP
Process Connection = 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″ or 8″ ANSI Flange
Maximum Pressure = 230 PSIG
Repeatability = ± 0.2% of Full Scale
Protection = IP67
Media Category = Liquid

Product Features

Monitoring, Batching, and Transmitter Functions
2 Configurable Outputs
Grand and Resettable Totalizer
Batching Function has an External Control Output
Bi-directional Measurement
Easy to Commission