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Flex-Pro® A3V Peristaltic Pump Models From Blue White Industries

Flex-Pro® A3V Peristaltic Pump

A3V Product Description

Model Variations




Application Examples


FlexFlo® A-100NV Peristaltic Pump

Operating the A-100NV (3.9 mb)

Adjusting the output in Manual Mode (Mode 1)

Adjusting the output in 4-20 mA Mode (Mode 2)

Adjusting the output in 0-10 Volt DC Mode (Mode 3)

Adjusting the output in Frequency Mode (Mode 4)

Alarms - TFD (Tube Failure Detection) System

FlexFlo® A-100 (discontinued)

Replacing the tubing on A-100 peristaltic pumps

Selecting the right A-100 peristaltic pump tube

Pro Series

ProSeries® Products

ProSeries® Blue-White Industries, Ltd. manufactures and sells metering pumps, flow-meters, and water treatment accessories. Its products include peristaltic pumps, diaphragm pumps, rotameters, paddlewheel meters, accessories, calibration services, ultrasonic flow-meters, variable-area flow-meters, engineered skid systems, and tank systems. The company also offers calibration services. It serves irrigation and greenhouse, agriculture/livestock, municipality/water treatment, carwash, pond, and pool, spa, and waterpark industries.

ProSeries High Bandwidth