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ToughSonic REMOTE 50

Maximum Range 50 feet (15.2 Meters)

The ToughSonic REMOTE 50 is a remote liquid level sensor with a maximum range of 50 feet (15.2 meters). This digital sensor is designed for accuracyUltrasonic sensor stainless steel housing and long-term durability in remote monitoring applications. With a stainless steel housing, full epoxy potting and IP68 rating, it operates in the harshest climates. It comes equipped with Senix Lightning Guard, a system that protects both power and communications circuits from repeated electrical transients of up to 7 kilovolts. The ToughSonic REMOTE 50 uses up to 20% less energy than the ToughSonic 50. It is fully configurable with SenixVIEW software. This sensor is mounted on bridges, piers and tanks all over the world in mission-critical remote level monitoring applications.


The ToughSonic REMOTE 50 is available in three different housings. All sensor features are available with any housing


Our Standard Model (U50) comes in a 2.1 inch (53.34 millimeter) smooth 316 stainless steel housing for easy clamping.

Rear Mount

The Rear Mount Model (U50R) adds a stainless steel end cap with 1.5 inch NPT threading to the 2.1 inch smooth standard housing.

PVC Model

The PVC Model (U50P) is packaged in a 2.5 inch PVC housing with 2.5 inch NPT threading on either end for tank level applications.

Serial Interface

The ToughSonic REMOTE 50 is available with one of the following Modbus serial data interfaces.

Modbus RS-232 serial data interface


Modbus RS-485 serial data interface

Sensor Customization
  • Custom SenixVIEW configurations can be pre-loaded.
  • Alternative cable type, length and connections are available.

ToughSonic ultrasonic sensors are built Tough with:

  • Type 316 stainless steel housing.
  • Sealed epoxy potting for immersion protection.
  • Rugged piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer.
  • 75% better surge protection than IEC 61000-4-5
  • Hardened internal electronics.
  • UV resistant, potted-in cable.

ToughSonic ultrasonic sensors are built Smart with:

  • SenixVIEW configuration and analysis software controlling more than 60 performance parameters, and dozens of viewing, analysis and maintenance options.
  • Addressable Modbus RTU
  • ASCII or phased high-speed, multi-sensor data collection for special applications.
Optimum Range 1 foot – 33 feet (30.5 centimeters – 10 meters)
Temperature -40º to 158º F (-40º to 70ºC)
Humidity 0 to 100% operating
Protection NEMA-4X, NEMA-6P, IP68
Transducer Ruggedized piezoelectric
Compensation Temperature compensated
Resolution Digital: 0.0135 in. (0.344 mm)
Repeatability Nominal 0.2% of range @ constant temp. Affected by target, distance, environment
Update Rate 5 Hz (200 ms), SenixVIEW adjustable; affected by SenixVIEW filter selections

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Serial Data Interface

Baud Rate 9600, adjustable to 115200
Format 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parityΩ
Protocols Addressable Modbus RTU (default) ASCII Streaming (single sensor) Extended protocols for custom applications
Measure Options Continuous measure (rate adjustable) Measure on poll
Mounting 2.3 inch clamp
Attached Cable 6.5 feet (2 meters)
Total Weight 25.9 oz. (0.73 kg)

ToughSonic REMOTE 50