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Carlon Meter

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Carlon Meter is known for high quality and long lasting potable water meters. Carlon Meter offers positive displacement (piston), multi-jet and turbine meters for potable cold and hot water from 1/2 in to 8in pipe in stock with larger meter sizes available.

Most water meters come with connections or flanges unless specified differently by the customer.

The company also manufactures a signal splitter and a line of programmable controls including pump controls, timers, batch controllers and a "Car-Logger".

The Car-Logger when combined with our JSJ line of positive displacement or turbine water meters can provide real time flow data to help customers manage their energy costs. This unit provides real time flow data as a stand alone device or the information can be accessed through an RS485 or an internet connection to the customer’s building management system.Carlon is known for industry leading quality products and exceptional customer service. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours.

JSJ Industrial MeterJSJ Industrial Meters

Carlon JSJ Electric Contacting Industrial Meters measure the water and provide a switch
closure each time the pre-set amount of water passes through the meter.

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Carlon, STD, Positive, Displacement, Water MetersSTD Industrial Series Meters

Carlon STD positive displacement water meters are best in class when it comes to accuracy,
durability and ease of maintenance all at a surprisingly low cost.

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JLP Plastic Water MeterJLP Engineered Plastic Series Meters

When long meter life and light weight are needed in a totalizing water meter, Carlon's JLP series
meters are what you need.

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Cold Water Turbine Water MeterCold Water Turbine Meter

Our cold water turbine meters are "in stock" in sizes from 2" to 8" and larger sizes up to 16" are

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Hot Water Turbine Water MeterHot Water Turbine Meter

Carlon offers temperature ratings for its hot water turbine meters at 248ºF. These turbine meters
provide +/- 2% accuracy at flow rates from 1 GPM all the way up to 2,500 GPM.

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Carlon, Programmable, Timer, ControlsTimers

Carlon Programmable Timer Controls have wide applications. Timers control the length of the signal needed to operate chemical feed pumps, valves or other equipment long enough to perform the operation needed in the water treatment system.

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Timer ControlChemical Feed

The Carlon Programmable Pump Control is suitable for all types of applications where the feeding of chemicals in proportion to water use is desired.

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Carlon, Batch, ControllerBatch Controls

The Carlon Batch Controller provides a means for automatically measuring the amount of water desired for a batch, and an actuating signal to activate the batch processing equipment.

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Carlon, Meter, Power, Pack, 101PP101 Power Pack

The Carlon Meter Power Pack 101 provides a means to have separate, independent circuits signaled from the output pulse signal of a dry contact´┐Żmeter (Carlon JSJ Series, for example) or a reed switch or "hall effect" meter.

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Carlon Car Logger, Carlon, Car, Logger, Water, MetersCar-Logger

The versatile CAR-LOGGER is designed to receive an input signal from a Carlon meter to provide a "real time" flow rate signal as well as the total volume of water passing through the meter.

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Carlon, Valves, solenoid valves, Strainers, Y-Type StrainersValves & Strainers

Carlon has a line of two-way zero pressure differential slow closing solenoid valves available in 1/2"-2" with larger sizes available upon request.

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Residential/Commercial Meters:

Carlon, JL, JLR, Water, Meters, positive displacement metersJL/JLR Water Meters

The Residential & Commercial meter is available in sizes from 1/2" to 2" and operates at flow rates from 1/4 to 160 GPM and pressures of 150 psi.

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Carlon MJL Water MeterMJL/MJLR Meters

The MJL meter is available in sizes from 1/2" to 2' and operates at flow rates up to 130 GPM and pressures of 150 psi.

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