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Packaged Chemical Feed Systems
From Neptune Chemical Pump Company Inc

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Neptune manufactures standard chemical feed systems to 500 gallons with bottom, top or side-mounted pumps

Packaged,Chemical,Feed,Systems,Neptune,Chemical,Pump,Company,IncChemical Feed System & Metering Pump

This guide specification is presented to assist the writer in specifying chemical metering pumps or complete packaged chemical feed systems. This specification contains provisions for options and alternates. Bold face type indicates areas where a selection or choice must be made. The specification writer must conform this specification to meet the requirements of the particular application. It is recommended that each chemical application be defined by one or more data sheets to describe additional details of the service.

Pump Specs

Packaged,Chemical,Feed,Systems,Neptune,Chemical,Pump,Company,IncNeptune Nimble Skids

Neptune Nimble Skids are complete metering systems ready to use with any bulk or intermediate bulk chemical container. Standardized design allows the user to customize by selecting the most popular options. Working within this framework allows shipment of most units within 5 to 10 days. Controls may also be added.

One and two pump systems fit within an 18" x 30" footprint. Suction manifold includes inlet valve and strainer, a branch connection with valve for calibration column and a valve at each pump suction. Discharge manifold includes a valve at each pump discharge.

Neptune Nimble Skids

Packaged,Chemical,Feed,Systems,Neptune,Chemical,Pump,Company,IncBottom Or Side Mounted Chemical Feed Systems

Neptune recommends the pump be mounted for a flooded suction. Flooded suction is the optimum operating condition for a metering pump. Side mounting the pump allows easy access for maintenance.

Standard equipment included with each feed system:

Polyethylene Bottom Mounted

  • Polyethylene tank & frame
  • PVC suction valve
  • Agitator bracket
  • Cast iron “Y” strainer
  • Cover (hinged 100 ga.
  • PVC suction piping and larger)
  • 1/2" drain connection

Stainless Steel Bottom Mounted

  • Tank, 304SS or 316SS†
  • PVC suction valve
  • Tank lid (hinged) & stand
  • Poly “Y” strainer
  • Gauge glas
  • PVC suction piping (non valve type)
  • /2" drain connection

Bottom Or Side Mounted Chemical Feed Systems

Mounting the pump on top of the solution tank is a space saving and economical approach
to packaged chemical feed systems.

Standard equipment included with each feed system:

  • Tank
  • PVC foot valve strainer
  • Steel tank stand
  • Hinged cove
  • Suction piping
  • 1/2" drain connection

Bottom Or Side Mounted Chemical Feed Systems

Neptune Containment Feed Systems

Neptune Containment Feed Systems are completely packaged chemical feed systems mounted within a containment. The feed tanks are translucent polyethylene, making liquid level readily visible.

The narrow design fits doorways and elevators. Containment feed systems are ideal for drumless chemical programs.

  • Provides complete, packaged chemical feed system
  • Efficiently contains chemical leaks or spills
  • Allows total reclamation of any spilled chemical
  • Improves housekeeping and maintenance
  • Easy access to pumps
  • Containment tank volume is 115% of feed tank volume

Neptune Containment Feed Systems

Packaged,Chemical,Feed,Systems,Neptune,Chemical,Pump,Company,IncNeptune Portable Mini-Tank Feeders

Mini-tank system offers portability and economy. Compact 24" wide, 36" long, 30" high size fits through doorways, in elevators and allows installation in small areas. Tank removes from base for ease of transport and handling. All units include polypropylene suction piping with isolation valve and “Y” strainer.

  • Total weight: 40 lbs. plus pump
  • Use with electronic or motor driven pumps
  • 8" manway standard
  • Containment available (41"L x 26"W x 13"H)
  • Agitator - optional
  • Calibration column - optional

Neptune Portable Mini Tank Feeders



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