Our Suppliers

  • A&F Machine Products Co.

    A&F Machine Products Co., manufacturer of Helwig Chemical Feed Pumps and related water treatment equipment.

  • ACR Systems

    ACR Systems is your ultimate source for proven data logging solutions. ACR data loggers are self-powered, pocket-sized instruments that measure and record temperature, relative humidity, electric current, pressure, process signals, pulse frequency, power quality and more.

  • Aqualytic: Photometers
    Aqualytic is a single source for testing instruments and reagents for today´s water analysis.

  • ASCO Valve

    ASCO Valve offers a broad range of industry leading products for fluid control and fluid power applications.

  • Banner Engineering

    Rely on Banner Engineering for industry-leading photo eyes, sensors, vision sensors, wireless sensors, machine safety, e-stop devices, vision lighting, and a wide assortment of indicator lights, tower lights, stack lights, and pick to lights.

  • Belimo Ball Valves

    Belimo Ball Valves VS and VSS series ball valves are available with non-spring return, spring return or electronic fail-safe actuators, ball valves offer the solution for HVAC applications.

  • Blacoh Fluid Control

    Blacoh Fluid Control products improve pump and instrumentation performance throughout your entire process system while significantly extending system component life.

  • Blue Ribbon Corp.

    Blue Ribbon Corp. products include gauges and thermometers, pressure transmitters & level sensors.

  • Burkert Fluid Control Systems

    Burkert products and systems can be used wherever fluid media and gases need to be measured, controlled and regulated.

  • Datalink Instruments

    Datalink Instruments offers a wide range of on-line water analysers based on UV spectroscopy for high reliability and low maintenance.

  • Eutech Instruments

    Eutech Instruments offers a comprehensive range of laboratory and field instruments for electrochemical and photometric water analysis.

  • Great Plains Industries

    Great Plains Industries is a leader in the manufacture of liquid flow meters, flow monitors, flow sensors and flow control equipment. GPI has become the flowmeter supplier of choice for water meters, chemical meters, sub-meters and general purpose flow measurement.

  • Hays Fluid Controls

    Hays Fluid Controls has been manufacturing quality meters for years. Regardless of your application, Hays probably has a meter to meet your needs.

  • Hydrometer Water Meters

    Hydrometer single-jet meters, multi-jet meters and bulk water meters in the water measuring equipment business unit. Domestic water meters and measuring capsules in the domestic measuring equipment business unit. Mechanical meters, ultrasonic meters and magnetic inductive meters in the heat measuring equipment business unit.

  • Levelpro Sales

    Levelpro sensors have a rugged design and are built to last. The materials of construction are highly chemical resistant thermoplastic materials such as PVC, PP, PVDF., and steel alloys such as 316 Stainless Steel, Monel, Hastaloy

  • Iwaki Air

    Iwaki Air AODD Pumps are engineered for maximum utility. They are portable and easy to install, operate, and maintain. Infinitely variable flow rates and variable discharge pressures can handle a large range of fluids, including corrosive chemicals and flammable liquids.

  • Kenco Engineering Company

    KENCO Engineering Company enjoys worldwide recognition and leadership with its line of Liquid Level Gauges, which are used as visual measurement devices in various tank gauging applications. KENCO’s Oil Level Controllers are the standard device worldwide for measuring and controlling the amount of lube oil consumed in stationary engines and compressors.

  • Lakewood Instruments

    Lakewood Instruments manufactures reliable, durable and easy to use chemical water treatment controllers that measure the pH, ORP and Conductivity of water. Lakewood Instruments controllers are used in many different applications from cooling towers to boilers to waste water and process applications.

  • LMI Chemical Metering Pumps

    LMI Milton Roy is the leading manufacturer of Chemical Metering Pumps. Our trademark yellow and black products are the standard for water treatment professionals around the world. LMI manufactures a wide range of electronic and motor-driven metering pumps and controllers for simple chemical addition, to complete systems to control conductivity, pH, and ORP.

  • Lutz-JESCO America

    Lutz-JESCO America has focused its efforts on the specialist field of "Drum and Container Pumps". The wide variety of application, liquids and container dimensions has determined the spread of the Lutz range now extending to Tank pumps, Air operated double diaphragm pumps and Magnetic drive pumps as well as a complete range of flow meters

  • Myron L Company
    Myron L Company is the leading manufacturer of high quality and simple to operate conductivity and pH instrumentation for municipal, commercial and industrial water quality control, chemical concentration testing and process control.

  • Oakton Instruments
    Oakton Instruments offers scientific instruments for research, industrial, and educational uses.

  • Orbeco Analytical Systems
    Orbeco Analytical Systems is a leader in the design, production and global marketing of water and wastewater testing instruments, test kits and reagents for industry, public health, science and medicine.

  • Regal Chlorinators
    Chlorinators Incorporated & Regal Systems International manufacture devices for the safe, economical and reliable use of chlorine gas in a variety of applications.

  • seepex
    seepex progressive cavity pumps, macerators and control systems are incorporated into a state-of-the-art quality management system.

  • Sensorex
    Sensorex manufacturers quality pH Electrodes, ORP Electrodes, Conductivity Sensors, Dissolved Oxygen Probes, Chlorine Dioxide Sensors, Free Chlorine Sensors, and other specialty analytical electrochemical sensors as well as a full line of sensor accessories.

  • Sotera Systems
    Sotera Chemical Transfer Systems - pumps, meters and accessories - are produced by Tuthill Transfer Systems, a Division of Tuthill Corporation. Our internationally recognized brands also include Fill-Rite pumps and Precision Flow Meters.

  • Supcon: Paperless Recorder
    Supcon R3000 series Color Paperless Recorder is a kind of the MultiF® intelligent instrument family. It is the solid-state replacement for traditional paper chart recorders.

  • ACO Container Systems

    ACO Container Systems is recognized as a leading North American manufacturer of quality rotationally moulded products.

  • Albany Pump Company Ltd.

    Albany Pump Company Ltd., manufacturers Helical Gear Pumps, CEP-Series Excess Pressure Pumps, Utility Gear Pumps, 12-24 Volt Centrifugal Pumps, Condensate Return Units, Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Hand Pumps.

  • Aquametrix

    AquaMetrix Inc. pH, ORP, Conductivity, Resistivity, Dissolved Oxygen and Flow instruments represent some of the best values on the market. All of our instruments are designed for ease of use and are rugged enough for the toughest applications.

  • Assured Automation

    Assured Automation offers a broad range Compact Automated Valves, 2-way Ball Valves, Multi Port Valves, Butterfly Valves, Plug Valves, Valve Actuators & Accessories.

  • Blue White Industries

    Blue-White Industries CHEM-FEED diaphragm type and, FLEXFLO peristaltic type metering pumps are designed for efficient, accurate chemical injection. Metering injectors are offered with many standard voltage and output rate options.

  • Camac Pumps

    Camac Pumps are centrifugal in design and constructed of rugged CPVC, KYNAR®, Polypropylene, Carpenter 20 Stainless Steel and Rubber Line Steel. Most models are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations.

  • Carlon Meter

    Carlon Meter offers positive displacement (piston), multi-jet and turbine meters for potable cold and hot water from 1/2in to 8in pipe in stock with larger meter sizes available.

  • DynaBlend

    DynaBlend polymer systems featuring dry and liquid non-mechanical, high-energy, non-damaging polymer activation and blending systems.

  • Flowline

    Flowline provides the following products for flow: Thermo-Flo Liquid and Gas Flow Switch, Switch-Pro with Compact Relay Controller, Switch-Pro with Compact Junction Box, Flow Switch Compact Relay Controller, and Flow Switch Remote Relay Controller.

  • H2trOnics
    H2trOnics is pleased to offer the nuChlor ClO2 generator.

  • HF Scientific Inc
    HF Scientific, Inc. is a quality innovator of instrumentation focused on the measurement of clean water.

  • Hayward Flow Control Systems

    Hayward carries an extensive line of plastic valves including two-way and three-way true union ball valves, proportional control valves, pneumatic and electric actuated valves, pipeline strainers, basket strainers, and Y-strainers.

  • Hayward/Webster Pumps

    Hayward/Webster Pumps don't just stand up to corrosive chemicals, they stand the test of time. Whether they're pumping for aeration, agitation, filtration, recirculation, spraying or transfer, these rugged, continuous duty pumps are ideal for the plating, electronics, photo processing, pollution control, chemical processing, and water treatment industries.

  • Kobold Instruments

    Kobold instruments manufacturer and supplier of thermometers, switches, transmitters, sensors, gauges, flowmeters, indicators and meters.

  • Kudzu Technologies Ltd
    Kudzu Technologies Ltd., is a division of Metex Corporation. For more information on Kudzu Technologies please contact us.

  • Lisle Metrix

    Lisle Metrix designs, manufactures and qualifies Pressure Retaining components and Instrumentation for the nuclear power industry. Conductivity systems, relays and level controls are some of the products that Lisle has supplied to CANDU reactors around the world for decades.

  • Lutz Pumps

    Lutz Pumps has focused its efforts on the specialist field of "Drum and Container Pumps". The wide variety of application, liquids and container dimensions has determined the spread of the Lutz range now extending to Tank pumps, Air operated double diaphragm pumps and Magnetic drive pumps as well as a complete range of flow meters

  • Metex Corporation

    Metex Corporation has Chemical Pump Timers, Boiler Blowdown Controller and Foam Level Detectors.

  • Metal Samples

    Metal Samples Corrosion Monitoring Systems products include Coupons, Probes, Instrumentation, High Pressure Access Systems and Injection Systems.

  • MISCO Refractometer

    MISCO Refractometer is a respected industry leader in the field of refractometry.

  • newterra ScaleBuster®

    newterra's proprietary patented ScaleBuster®, also known as ISB® (Ion ScaleBuster®), technology has been utilized for environmentally friendly, water conditioning by the residential, commercial and industrial markets for more than 18 years (Since 1994).

  • Neptune Chemical Pump Company

    Neptune Chemical Pump Company manufactures chemical metering pumps including hydraulic diaphragm metering pump,electronic diaphragm metering pump, fertilizer pump, chemigation pump and accessories.

  • Neptune Mixer Compan
    Neptune Mixer Company manufactures portable top entering propeller mixers and offers a complete line of Bung-Entering Drum Mixers.

  • Partlow

    Partlow offers the world's broadest range of reputable brand name mechanical, analog and digital micro-based electronic temperature recorder, process controller and circle chart recorder products to satisfy a full range of temperature and process control validation industry applications involving temperature, pressure, level and flow.

  • Stenner Peristaltic Metering Pumps

    Stenner Peristaltic Metering Pumps are based on a simple, well-engineered design that minimizes complexity and delivers reliable performance. The time-tested designed is renowned for consistent quality and ease of service, which increases dependability for users while reducing service time and expense.

  • Tasco Valves Unlimited
    TASCO Valves Unlimited manufactures specialty Bronze Valves with the highest efficiency, low maintenance and operating costs.

  • Truflo®
    Truflo® Flow Meters | Truflo® Pressure Gauges | Truflo® Accessories

  • UV Pure

    UV Pure markets three product lines of UV water filters. Hallett, Upstream and Cactus, each with UV Pure’s patented Crossfire Technology®, dramatically advantaged compared to conventional UV systems.

  • Walchem

    Walchem is a leading manufacturer and supplier of on-line analytical instruments and electronic metering pumps.

  • Wika Instruments

    Wika instruments is world market leader in pressure, temperature, and level measurement instrumentation.

  • Wilkerson Instrument Co., Inc.

    Wilkerson Instrument Co., Inc., SensoRAD™ Wireless Transmitters are Simple to Use, Cost Effective, and Very Reliable. Mighty Module Signal Conditioners, Signal Isolators, Signal Transmitters, Signal Converters, Alarms, Math Functions, Integrators, Valve Controllers, Power Supplies. Inputs for DC Voltage, DC Current, AC Voltage, AC Current, Thermocouple, RTD, Strain Gauge, Frequency and Potentiometer.