LP-50,Barrel Pump,Great,Plains,Industries,GPI

LP-50 Barrel Pump From Great Plains Industries (GPI)

LP-50,Barrel Pump,Great,Plains,Industries,GPIThe LP-50 is designed to fit tanks or 55-gallon barrels with 2 inch NPT threads. The unique linkage and shaft design of the LP-50 ensures a smooth and easy stroke. This design eliminates side load, shaft binding, or seal leakage seen in other lever pumps.

  • Rugged construction of Acetal and ABS.
  • Polypropylene and Viton® wetted parts for fluid compatibility.
  • Mounts easily on tanks or 55-gallon barrels with 2 inch NPT threads.
  • Adjustable suction pipe included.
  • 90-day warranty.

GPI-Fuel-Catalog-Version-12-Page-15 (PDF, 57KB)




Use with

Water, Petroleum porducts and agricultural chemicals. DO NOT USE with kerosene, windshield washer or flammable fluids.

Pump Type


Flow Rate

Up to 1 pint per stroke


Molded Acetal Spout
Tank Fitting   2 Inch NPT
Suction Pipe   Expandable to fit drums to 36 inches deep


90 Days

Unique Feature

Unique design for smooth and easy strokes. Design eliminates seal leakage.