BP-10,Plunger,Handle,Barrel Pump,Great,Plains,Industries,GPI

BP-10 Plunger Handle Barrel Pump From Great Plains Industries (GPI)

BP-10,Plunger,Handle,Barrel Pump,Great,Plains,Industries,GPIThe BP-10 Plunger Handle Barrel Pump comes with a detachable spout with optional connection to a common garden hose. Plunger Handle Barrel Pump for petroleum products. 2 inch NPT and Buttress thread connections. 3/4 inch curved polyethylene spout screws off for garden hose attachment. P.O.P. box. 3.6 lbs., 1.6 kg.

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Use with

Hydraulic fluid, lightweight petroleum porducts, oils (up to 90 wt. at or above 60° F) and transmission fluid.

Pump Type


Flow Rate

Up to 1.5 pints per stroke


Tank Fitting   2 Inch NPT

Suction Pipe

Adjustable via sliding bung adapter


90 Days

Unique Feature

Spout screws off for garden hose attachment