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Alabama Specialty Products Corrosion Monitoring Systems - Metal Samples

Alabama Specialty Products Corrosion monitoring products, corrosion instruments, corrosion probes, corrosion coupons.

Corrosion monitoring products:

Corrosion Monitoring Coupons Coupons
Metal Samples Corrosion Monitoring Systems has the world's largest selection of corrosion monitoring test coupons available in any size or shape, and in more than 2,000 alloys. In addition, we offer coupon holders, insertion systems, and test racks. We also provide pre-weighing and post exposure analysis services.

Corrosion Monitoring Probes

Our broad range of corrosion monitoring probes includes electrical resistance, linear polarization resistance, erosion, hydrogen, sampling, and injection probes. We also routinely design and manufacture custom probes to meet your special requirements.
Corrosion Monitoring Instruments Instrumentation
We provide an extensive line of corrosion monitoring instrumentation to interface with probes and interpret, analyze, and display the collected data. Our instrumentation covers the spectrum from portable meters to transmitters to remote data loggers.
High Pressure Access Fittings High Pressure Access Fittings
Access fittings are used to insert and retrieve a complete range of probes, as well as chemical injection systems, quills, and nozzles. These systems are specifically designed for high pressures and high temperatures.
Injection Systems Injection Systems
Injection systems are used to inject chemicals into processes.
Model IP2000
- Injection & Sampling System Fixed Length with NPT Pipe Plug

Model IP3000
- Injection & Sampling System Adjustable Length with NPT Pipe Plug

Model IP4000
- Injection & Sampling System Retractable with Packing Gland

Model IP6000
- Injection & Sampling System Fixed Length with Flange

Injection & Sampling System
- for High Pressure (HPTM and MHTM) Access Systems