Vertical Plastic Pumps From Camac

Vertical,Plastic,Pumps,CamacMinimum Maintenance - Long Service Life
The Camac Vertical Plastic Pumps provide the means to safe, efficient handling of highly corrosive solutions. The material being pumped never contacts any metal only corrosion proof plastic.

Simply mount the pump on the edge of your tank and operate from either inside or outside the tank. FLOW RATES RANGE FROM 10 to 360 GPM and PRESSURES UP TO 60 PSIG. All CAMAC pumps are driven by heavy duty energy efficient TEFC motors.

The unique design of the CAMAC Vertical Pump features only 3 major parts and eliminates the need for seals and packing glands. Therefore seal wear caused by abrasion is eliminated assuring long, trouble free operation.


  • All non metallic wetted parts in contact with solution are constructed of either CPVC, Polypro, or KYNARŪ. Capable of handling liquids at operating temperatures up to 300°F with KYNARŪ, 200°F with CPVC and 180°F with Polypropylene.

  • All hardware in contact with the solution is either Stainless Steel or the specified corrosion resistant material.

  • Semi-opened impeller design reduces flow up the draft tube and increases efficiency.

  • Heavy duty balanced shaft encased in a corrosion resistant plastic sleeve.

  • Vapor seals are standard to prevent motor corrosion.

  • Threaded overflow relief port.

  • O-rings to be Hypalon/Viton.

  • True Venturi type volute case. Heavy duty design to prevent pump deflection.

  • Interchangeable parts.


  • Custom increased PSIG output available through impeller blade enhancement

  • Custom Mounts

  • Titanium & Hastelloy Shafts

  • Special Duty Motors

  • Custom Lengths