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Programmable Metering Pumps At Metex Corporation

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Metex Corporation Limited is a leading manufacturer's representative and distributor of Programmable Pumps - Programmable Peristaltic Pumps for a wide range of industrial markets — including chemical, mining, oil & gas, power generation, pulp and paper, and general industry.

Programmable Pumps - Programmable Peristaltic Pumps available at Metex Corporation Limited feature Steener Pumps and Blue White Industries peristaltic metering pumps..

Programmable Metering Pumps

Iwaki E-Series Programmable Metering Pumps

Featuring four great programmable metering pump series, EZ, EW, EK and EHE, E Series programmable metering pumps are powered by advanced microprocessor-based electronics and superior mechanical design. With capacities up to 20 GPH and a maximum pressure rating of 250 PSI, the E Series has a pump that will fit any water treatment, municipal and industrial wastewater, agriculture, water conditioning, car wash or any other chemical feed application. And the entire E Series programmable metering pump line is backed with a comprehensive 2-year warranty that covers the entire pump, including the liquid end and diaphragm.

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Blue-White Programmable Metering Pumps

FLEXFLO® programmable metering pumps are suited for lower feed demand applications. Because there are no valves to clog, FLEXFLO® programmable metering pumps are suitable for use with gas forming chemicals, such as chlorine.

ProSeries® programmable metering pumps are engineered rugged, durable and capable of enduring demanding environments. The Flex-Pro® programmable metering pumps design does not have valves that can clog, and are capable of injecting a wide variety of chemicals both viscous and aggressive, with a smooth, low-velocity action.

Specially engineered tubing for long life and high pressures meets FDA 21 CFR requirements for food contact applications. Exclusive TFD (Tube Failure Detection) system (Patent No. 7,001,153 and 7,284,964) senses tube failure by detecting chemical in the pump head, sending an alarm.

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Stenner ECON Programmable Metering Pumps

The Econ FP programmable metering pump is perfect for light-duty applications such as drinking water disinfection or pH adjustment for private water wells in homes or farms. In the animal health market such as poultry hatcheries, the FP can inject nutrients or supplements into the drinking water or disinfect the water lines with the injection of acids, chlorine or chlorine dioxide. The Econ FP is a flow activated pump and can accept a dry contact signal or a 12-24 VAC/VDC signal from any control equipment that responds to flow. The functions are easy to program on the six button control pad with a backlit LCD window. The programmable metering pump features an enclosed housing, is wall mountable and carries cULus for indoor and outdoor use. Mounting the pump vertically is required for wet environments or outdoor use.

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Chem-Pro Programmable Chemical Metering Pumps

Digital programmable chemical metering pumps for chemical injection.

Digital programmable chemical metering pumps feature

  • High capacity chemical metering to 833 GPD (131.4 LPH)

  • Output pressures to 175 PSI

  • Precise digital control system with LCD display

  • Built-in Diaphragm Failure Detection System (DFD)

  • Rugged and reliable design

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