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ToughSonic ® CHEM 12 Level Sensor

CHEM series sensors and SenixVIEW software put the power of ultrasonics in your hands. You can quickly adjust, optimize, save, and clone your applications quickly without calibration!

The CHEM 12 is housed in a rugged, chemically inert PVDF sealed housing for long life. A new shorter design and smaller diameter transducer allows for easier installation in tight locations, and measurements closer to the top of a tank. The CHEM 12 also has an improved rugged strain
relief design.

Applications include pump control, bulk inventory, batch processing, water management and high/low level alarms.

Non-Contact Ultrasonic Distance & Level Measurement

Level Measurements

  • Long or short measurements
  • Unaffected by optical factors like color and transparency
  • Computer (PC) software allows remote adjustment

Packaging & Performance

  • Durable housing for long life
  • Bottom and top thread mounts
  • Short & overload protected I/O
  • Adjustable filters compensate for tank mixers or turbulence
  • Temperature compensation for improved accuracy
  • Adjustable sensitivity

Free Functionality

Use adjustable interface features like switch hysteresis and time delays to build complete solutions such as pump controls to maintain level. Save cost by eliminating PLCs, delay circuits and time delay relays!

Use SenixVIEW software (see separate data sheet) to adjust all sensor features. You can view, analyze, or log data to optimize your application. Disconnect and the sensor retains the setup.

Copy without Calibration Application setups can be saved for future recall. From a single sensor inventory part you can quickly clone sensors, without recalibration, for any number of different field installations.

In addition to the model’s serial data interface there are five simultaneous outputs, fully configurable with SenixVIEW.

Analog Outputs (3)

These include voltage (0-10 VDC) and two current loops (4-20 mA sinking and sourcing). Both output types have user-selectable voltage/current ranges and endpoints for best resolution. Easily invert the analog output slope.

Switches (2)

Two switches are SenixVIEW configurable as “PNP” or “NPN” type (sourcing or sinking). Each has adjustable set point, hysteresis, window, initial conditions, ON delay, OFF delay, and loss of target response to easily create controls