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BioAlert Monitoring System

The BioAlert monitoring system is specifically designed to keep industrial and commercial cooling towers safe from Legionella contamination. BioAlert's continuous on-site monitoring is fast (4 hours) and very accurate (98%), with an automated connected device installed directly on the water system.

BioAlert is a Cost-Effective Tool That Allows you to Control and Optimize your Water Treatments

BioAlert’s unique approach of frequent screening helps to prevent and allow just-in-time remediation of Legionella contamination. BioAlert is compliant with the requirements related to BOMA, WELL™ certifications and the CDC guidelines on building water system management programs.

The BioAlert Lp15 provides a fully automated legionella risk management system:
  • Automated and fast detection for your industrial equipment
  • Guarantees constant system safety and prevents shutdowns
  • Reduces the overall use of shock treatments and chemicals
  • Eliminates the need for decontamination procedures through just-in-time interventions
  • Networked equipment allowing immediate management of events
Product Features:
  • Daily monitoring
  • Continuous sampling
  • Economical solution
  • Superior reliability
  • Easy 10 minute maintenance
  • On-site installation
  • Detection level above the legislation of industry standard
  • Remote controlled
  • Alarm monitor