RP-10,Rotary Hand Pump,Great,Plains,Industries,GPI

RP-10 Rotary Hand Pump From Great Plains Industries (GPI)

RP-10,Rotary Hand Pump,Great,Plains,Industries,GPIThe RP-10 Rotary Hand Pump is rugged simplicity in action, with extra efficiencies in field transfer of gasoline and up to medium weight oils. Designed for use with portable tanks, drums or barrels, this self-priming pump provides 10 gallons per 100 revolutions. The RP-10 is the perfect pump for construction, agriculture, and other industries where maximum productivity and maximum portability are important. Rotary Hand Pump with cast iron rotor for fuel. This pump fits a 2 inch NPT bung. UL Listed. Includes 3/4 in. x 8 ft. (2.4 m) Buna-N® hose, metal nozzle, and adjustable suction pipe. P.O.P. box. 17.0 lbs., 7.7 kg.

RP-10 Rotary Hand Pump Manual (PDF, 275KB)

GPI-Fuel-Catalog-Version-12-Page-13 (PDF, 57KB)




Use with

Diesel fuel (biodiesel blends B20), gasoline (alcohol blends E15), hydraulic fluid, kerosene and oil (up to 30 wt.).
Standard   UL Listed

Pump Type


Flow Rate

Up to 10 gallons per 100 Revolutions


Inlet   1 inch


3/4 inch

Suction Pipe

Adjustable to 40 inches
Hose Size   8 ft x 3/4 inch


2 Years

Unique Feature

Rotary action and handle locks for security