Carlon Meter Power Pack 101

Carlon, Meter, Power, Pack, 101The Carlon Meter Power Pack 101 provides a means to have separate, independent circuits signaled from the output pulse signal of a dry contact meter (Carlon JSJ Series, for example) or a reed switch or "hall effect" meter. Sometimes called a "splitter", the unit provides two isolated output signals, which carry independent voltage from two respective sources. Sources can be a controller, a remote counter, or some other receiving device.

The unique circuitry of the PP101 is designed to isolate any excessive power supply signal value from the dry contact switch on the meter. Excessive power signals can permanently damage reed or hall effect switches. A wiring terminal strip is provided to offer a variety of components that can be used with the Power Pack 101.

Product Specifications

Input Power: 120VAC
Meter Inputs: Dry Contact (Micro or Reed Switch) or 3 Wire Hall Effect
Pulse Output Choices: 2 Dry Contacts or 1 Dry Contact and 1-24VAC
Pulse Duration: 0.5 Seconds
Temperature Range: 14-122 Degrees F
Dimensions: 6" High x 6" Wide x 3" Deep. Weight 2lbs.


Product Specifications