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To complete your system, Walchem provides high quality accessories that are required for cooling tower, boiler, potable water, and wastewater applications. All of Walchem's accessories are carefully designed and selected for compatibility with our pumps and controllers to enable our customers to provide a complete system solution.

Level Switches
Point Level sensors provide simple low tank level input for controllers and solenoid metering pumps.

pH Electrodes
Higher temperature rating, Steam sterilizable, High operating pressure, Booted BNC, waterproof cable

Calibration Columns
Walchem's calibration columns provide verification of metering pump output. Constructed from clear PVC with graduations in milliliters and GPH.

Multi-Jet Flowmeters
WFM Flowmeters utilize the multi-jet principle to provide dependable, accurate performance. They are available in ľ, 1, 1˝ and 2" NPT pipe sizes.


To send the signal from your pH/ORP electrode a few hundred feet, hook up to this external preamp and you can go 1000 feet if necessary!

Paddlewheel Flowmeters
WFP Flowmeters are impeller-type insertion meters designed for use in pipe sizes from ˝" to 6".  range.


Posiflow® Valve
Feed verification has never been better!  Walchem's new PosiFlow® has no moving or wear parts…and does not obstruct chemical feed! 

Solenoid Valves
For Cooling Tower Bleed Applications -Epoxy Encapsulated Solenoid, normally closed operation, may be mounted in any position.


Motorized Ball Valves
Worcester Series 36 motorized
 blowdown valves are opened and closed by your Walchem boiler controller to maintain your conductivity set point.

Multi-Function Valve
Multi-function valves provide anti-syphon, back pressure and pressure relief for your 10, 15 and 20 sized E series metering pumps.


Back Pressure/Anti-syphon Valves
These rugged valves are constructed from machined components to ensure long life and reliability. The spring loaded PTFE faced diaphragms provide positive discharge pressure to stabilize pump output and prevent syphoning.

Tri-Purpose Valves
Economical Tri-Purpose Valves are three valves in one. Installed in one direction, the spring loaded PTFE faced diaphragm provides 30 psi of back pressure and anti-syphon protection.


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