Circular,Chart,Flow,Recorders,Partlow,MRC 7800

Circular Chart Flow Recorders Partlow MRC 7800

Circular,Chart,Flow,Recorders,Partlow,MRC 7800Partlow MRC 7800

Partlow MRC 7800 10" Circular Chart Flow Recorders with totalization.

The MRC 7800 Circular Chart Flow Recorders are a microprocessor-based circular chart recorder particularly designed to measure and record flow. It can be used in the foods, beverage, chemical, oil-gas-petro-chemical, and pulp and paper industries, or to measure and record flow for heat exchange and utility output applications.

Moreover, its special features make it well suited for water/wastewater flow and totalization applications.

The Circular Chart Flow Recorders many special features are what makes it ideal for a variety of applications. Some of these features include: flexible dampening for accurate measurement of erratic or turbulent flow applications, a variety of square root extraction methods, variable exponent to convert head to flow for Parshall flumes and weirs, separate low flow cutoffs for recording and totalization, adjustable flow time base, adjustable decimal position for both flow rate and total, remote reset for totalization, and one button switching between Process Value and Total displays.

Totalization is available on each pen and can be done on a per second, minute, hour, or day basis. Decimal positioning is independent for the process values and totals. The totals can be reset to zero via the keypad or remote contact closure. When totalization is ordered, an optional datalogging feature is available.

Outputs may be assigned for High and/or Low flow. They can also be assigned to activate at preset totalization values for batching applications. The Circular Chart Flow Recorders is backed by a three-year warranty and free technical support throughout the life of the product.

Standard features

  • 8 Digit display per pen
  • Isolated linear sensor input: mA, mV, V
  • Square-root extraction
  • Variable exponent for weirs and flumes
  • Custom curves for flow correction, linearization, of height to volume conversion
  • Pressure compensated DP flow calculation
  • Adjustable flow time base - per sec, per min, per hr, and per day
  • Chart speed from 0.1 to 999.9 hours
  • Disposable fiber tipped pens: red, green

Optional capabilities

  • 2 Programmable alarms per pen
  • Up to 8 relay type outputs
  • Up to four 4-20mA outputs
  • Process value retransmission
  • 24V Transmitter power supply
  • Door lock
  • Water-tight enclosure

Key Specifications

  • Measurement accuracy: +/- 0.25%
  • Recording accuracy: +/- 0.5%
  • 3 Scans per second
  • 5A SPST or SPDT Relay outputs
  • 13.19" H x 15.13" W x 3.63" D
  • 115 or 230 (optional) VAC powered
  • 3 Year warranty

Agency Approvals

  • UL Listed
  • CSA Certified
MRC 7800 Brochure