RAY FS WS 453/455, Flow Sensor

RAY FS WS 453/455 Flow Sensor

RAY FS WS 453/455, Flow SensorApplication

Volume measuring component for measuring heat for billing hot water consumption.


  • Possibility of remote transmission of quantities of flow

  • For horizontal installation

  • Encapsulated and evacuated counter

  • For easy reading the complete head part with totalizer can be turned to any position

  • Easily removeable reed-switch

  • Outstanding continuance of accuracy even with extreme charges (Qmax) because of vane bearing beeing of ring saphire and carbide metal

  • The pulse transmitter is fitted with a 100 Ω , 1/4W series resistor (cable length 3 m) - can be supplied without series resistor on request

  • Considerably extended measuring range towards small flows compared to documentation of metrological class

  • As a safeguard against magnetic influences, a sealable antimagnetic screen is fitted on the meter

  • No obstruction in reading because of sealed totalizer avoiding condensation

  • Contact load (without series resistor) max. 24 V AC/DC (protective low voltage) 0.2 A

  • Completely dry-running - measuring gears running in water