Hayward Industrial Products Inc,Hayward Flow Control Systems,Hayward,Industrial,Products,Inc,Flow,Control,Systems

Hayward Industrial Products Inc. - Hayward Flow Control Systems

Hayward Industrial Products Inc,Hayward Flow Control Systems,Hayward,Industrial,Products,Inc,Flow,Control,Systems

Webster C-Series Horizontal Pumps
Hayward Industrial Products Inc,Hayward Flow Control Systems,Hayward,Industrial,Products,Inc,Flow,Control,SystemsThe C5, C7 and C8 Series pumps are designed specifically for continuous chemical duty service. They are rugged, precision molded, and feature dynamically balanced, enclosed impellers.

Units are available in CPVC (Corzan®), fiberglass reinforced Polypropylene, and PVDF (Solef® ) with ratings of 1/3, 1, and 1 1/2 horsepower. Pump models are also available with a rugged cast iron bearing frame for belt-drive or other coupled.

Plastic Butterfly Valves
Hayward Industrial Products Inc,Hayward Flow Control Systems,Hayward,Industrial,Products,Inc,Flow,Control,SystemsA Better Butterfly Valve:
Hayward Butterfly Valves up to 12" are rated at a full 150 psi. Unlike other plastic butterfly valves, Hayward valves are constructed from a one piece body that incorporates fully supported flange bolt holes (the valve has the same number of bolt holds as the matching 150# ANSI flange). This prevents stressing of the mating pipe flanges. The heavy duty construction of the valve stands up to the most demanding applications. The rock solid integral mounting pad insures that the valve operator will function reliably, whatever operator is used, lever handle, gear box, or actuator.

Extra Features, No Extra Cost: Hayward Butterfly Valves feature a blowout proof stainless steel stem and a unique full body liner that has a V-notch retention design. This assures positive sealing of the liner to the valve body. An integrally molded face seal provides positive sealing against the mating flange without the need for additional gaskets. And the lever handle has a built in lockout feature.

Plastic Y Strainers
Hayward Industrial Products Inc,Hayward Flow Control Systems,Hayward,Industrial,Products,Inc,Flow,Control,SystemsEconomical Protection:
Hayward Plastic Y Strainers protect piping system components from damage caused by dirt or debris in the process media. They cost less than other types of strainers and are light weight and very compact. Because they can often be supported by the pipeline alone, they work in applications where other types of strainers cannot.

Rugged Plastic Screens: Hayward Plastic Y Strainers are supplied with a 1/32" perforated plastic screen. This screen is ultrasonically welded, not glued, for superior strength. Screens fabricated from Type 316 stainless steel are also available n openings from 1/2" down to a super fine 325 mesh. All screens have an open area at least twice that of the equivalent pipe size cross-sectional area to minimize pressure drop.

Easy Clean Out: All sizes of Hayward Plastic Y Strainers feature a heavy-duty hex cap that permits quick and easy removal of the strainer screen when cleanout becomes necessary.

Adaptable Design: Hayward Plastic Y Strainers work equally well in the horizontal or vertical position, simplifying piping system layout.

Plastic Pneumatic Actuators
Hayward Industrial Products Inc,Hayward Flow Control Systems,Hayward,Industrial,Products,Inc,Flow,Control,SystemsCorrosion Resistant:
Hayward PMD and PMD actuators feature heavy-duty, corrosion resistant construction. These actuators are designed to stand up to most corrosive environments and other harsh conditions without the need for epoxy coatings.

Two Modes of Operation: Series PMD actuators are air-to-air (double acting), while the PMS Series are air-to-spring (fail safe) actuators. Air-to-air actuators require air pressure for both actuation cycles, open and close. Air-to-spring actuators have a mechanical spring return unit enclosed in the actuator housing that is used to operate one of the actuation cycles, either open or close. Both types work with all True Union and Three-way Ball Valves up to 2" in size.

Rugged Design: The actuators feature a proven, heavy-duty rack and pinion design that is extremely reliable. The actuators require no maintenance. The internal lubrication lasts indefinitely, even in applications where the actuator is cycled frequently.